Fake "Le Soir"
Nicolas Geritzen
War memorial since WW2 at Colonne du Congrès
Adolphe Quetelet at place Quetelet
Giacomo Puccini
Bombed police barracks
Mathieu Leclercq



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Charles V

Charles V

Charles Quint, born Ghent, inherited most of Europe by the age of 20. Ruled the Netherlands (including what was to become Belgium) 1515 -1555.

War dead, Royalty

1 memorial

Queen Elisabeth

Queen Elisabeth

Born Germany, died Brussels. During WWI she nursed soldiers. With Eugène Ysaye she created a music competition which became the internationally renowned, "Queen Elisabeth Music Competition".

War dead, Music, Royalty, Germany

3 memorials

King Leopold II

King Leopold II

Leopold's cruel exploitation of the Congo was carried out in his name and under his instruction. It seems nobody can find anything nice to say about Leopold II. A society lady is quoted as descr...

War dead, Colonisation, Royalty, Congo

9 memorials

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