W. F. Hermans
Jean d'Osta at place du Jeu de Balle church
Madeleine Church vs. north-south junction
Bocq River Goddess
House of the Blind - Garden ZD
Gailliard painters
Brontës at Ravenstein

About Us

What is Brussels Remembers?

We lived in Brussels 2000 - 2002, and discovered this lovely city through its memorials.  We found an excellent computer company to build our first website for us (thank you Igor and Guy).  The original maps (in the pre-Google Maps era) were generously provided by CIRB who also hosted the site for us for a number of years.  When we returned to London that meant we could do no more work on Brussels, so, sadly, Brussels Remembers is incomplete.  But one thing about memorials - they do tend to endure so we hope you agree it is still worth keeping this website available. 

We realise there are many memorials in Brussels which are not on the website, and we can't do anything about that.  Please don't tell us about them or send us pictures, we just don't have the resources to research and publish anything new.  However, if you see any mistakes in what is published, please do write to us about that.  Also we see that while collecting in Brussels we had not yet realised that a photograph of the face on a statue would be a good idea.  So if you can provide those we would be very pleased.

For more information about the website generally please see the About Us page on London Remembers. 

In Brussels we found 4,680 subjects (people, events, etc.) on 601 memorials, at 397 sites.