Le Petit Sablon - Egmont and Hornes
Maison du Roi - Brabançon revolution
Antoine Demol at place du Jeu de Balle church
Armand Massonet
Frère-Orban at the US embassy
Charles Plisnier in rue d'Irlande
Vesalius at rue des Minimes



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The Impoverished Elderly

The Impoverished Elderly

le Sou du Vieillard is/was a philanthropic circle and The Impoverished Elderly is the best translation we can come up with.

Group, Philanthropy

2 memorials

Archduchess Isabelle

Archduchess Isabelle

On the plaque she is called "Archduke Isabelle" but we assume that is for brevity.

War dead, Philanthropy, Spain

1 memorial

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