Guillaume Des Marez

Guillaume Des Marez

Person   Born 1870 Died 1931

Categories: History

Born Courtrai. From 1911 Jean d'Ardenne was the first to raise the alarm about the Abbey falling into ruins since the military school had moved out in 1908 and following the German occupation during the First World War. Des Marez quickly created the League of Friends of the Abbey. The restoration ran from 1922 to 1927.
There is a plaque to Des Marez in the reading room of the Brussels Archives, in rue des Tanneurs: "A GUILLAUME DES MAREZ,/PROFESSEUR A L'UNIVERSITE/DE BRUXELLES, ARCHIVISTE DE/LA VILLE DE BRUXELLES, 1870 SES ELEVES 1931." He is also the author of one of our reference books listed on the New Visitors Page.

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Guillaume Des Marez at the Cambre

This is, graphically, a wonderful plaque. The letters are hidden inside each...

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