Charles Buls Demot and Buls

Monument: Charles Buls

Site: Demot and Buls (2 memorials)

1000, avenue Louise, Carrefour de Sélys Longchamps

This is a monument incorporating 2 memorials. At the centre are two figures representing teacher and pupil, honouring the work done by both Demot and Buls in the field of education. The stone plinth to this central statue has the carved words "LA VILLE DE BRUXELLES A SES ANCIENS BOURGMESTRES CHARLES BULS ET EMILE DEMOT". These are almost exactly the same words that appear on the brass plaques under the busts (one in French, one in Flemish). More evidence of a project to "Flemishfy" the mainly French statues of Brussels, through the late addition of brass plaques.

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Charles Buls

Information Subjects commemorated

Charles Buls

Born Brussels. Son of a local jeweller. Founded a progressive school in Bru...

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Charles Buls

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Emile Demot

Rousseau did the central sculpture.

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