Émile Fabry

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Jean-Michel Pochet

Émile Fabry

Person   Born 31/12/1865 Died 1966

Categories: Art

He liked Michelangelo and Ingres, disliked the Impressionists and studied with Portaels. Associated with Salons de la Rose Croix, a decadent and mystical Catholic exhibition society, led by Sar Péladan, supposedly inspired by Rosicrucian theories. Exhibited in Paris in 1893 at the Salons d’art idéaliste. Worked with architects Horta and Hankar. For 39 years he was a teacher at the Académie de Bruxelles. During WWI he left for England were he saw the PreRaphaelites.

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Emile Fabry

This artist arrived in Woluwe in 1902, and had this house/studio built by arc...

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