War Tree/Stone War Tree/Stone

Tree & stone: War Tree/Stone

The story of the tree being planted, destroyed and replaced is touching. We find the original text (which we have perhaps translated rather woodenly) a little excessive. To claim that every citizen of Forest resisted diminishes the achievement of those who truly did.
According to the Forest commune a plaque commemorating the end of WW1 was initially placed here and then moved to ave des Villas (the northern boundary of Parc de Forest) in, or in front of, the park. Could this memorial be the plaque described? If so then it's not there, it's here. So either it never went, or it came back. Either way there's no mention of either tree. Oh, we do love a mystery.

Site: War Tree/Stone (1 memorial)

1190, sq de la Deliverance

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War Tree/Stone

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