Plaque: SEAP

see original text, above.

Original inscription:

Important issues must be resolved
by discussion and decision, with
determination, patience and

society of
european affairs
incorporating felpa
fédération européenne du
lobbying & public affairs

Inaugurated on the 6th December 2001 by Nicole Fontaine,
Chairwoman of the European Parliament and
Freddy Thielemans, Mayor of Brussels.

In the photograph you can see the back of the second granite slab which has the text in French. Interesting that English seems to have replaced Flemish here. The text does not state why the stones/plaques were placed here but we are informed that they commemorate the opening of the European Parliament building. Having cycled past these things many times without thinking that they might be commemorative, we think they fail on a number of fronts: prominence, content and attractiveness. Perhaps they are an example of design by committee.

Site: SEAP (1 memorial)

1000, rue du Remorqueur, mini roundabout north of entrance to European Parliament

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