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Plaque: Residence Beaufort - H1

E. Reisse

Original inscription:


Site: Residence Beaufort benefactor plaques (28 memorials)

1000, rue aux Laines, Residence de Beaufort, 17

All the plaques are actually on the rue J. Dupont façade which has a long frontage of three floors. There are 41 plaques, of which 29 carry an inscription and 12 are vacant. The plaques are arranged in a regular grid pattern, one below each window. The grid has 3 rows and 15 columns. Reading from left to right, as one faces the building we have allocated a grid code to each plaque; "A0" being the plaque below the leftmost window on the ground floor, "O2" being the plaque below the rightmost window on the second floor. Columns D and K are different in that they do not have (even vacant) plaques on their first and second floors. Since all the plaques are in the same style we have given only one photograph, B0.

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Residence Beaufort - A0

To the Royal Society of United Craftsmen of Brussels Choir founded 13 Januar...

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Residence Beaufort - A1

To J. and F. Gisler and P. van Eycken Widow H. Smeesters 1883

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Residence Beaufort - A2

To the Counts C and A de Bréderode 1832

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Residence Beaufort - B0

To Edouard Goldzieher 1854 - 1925. Mrs. Sadi K...

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Residence Beaufort - B1

Family Bischoffsheim 1885 J.J. Bougard 1884

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