Large_placeholder_br Queen Elisabeth at place de l’Albertine

Sculpture: Queen Elisabeth at place de l’Albertine


Original inscription:


The king and queen face each other across the busy road.
Kreitz did the panels and Cliquet the statue.
In 2003 the city of Brussels started the renovation of the place de l’Albertine, and the memorial was removed. During the works some newspapers wrote that the memorial would not be put back afterwards. During the summer of 2004 the renovated square was inaugurated and one could indeed discover the new "fountain" (in fact these are water-vaporizers), but no Queen Elisabeth-memorial. It became obvious that the alderman in charge of public works didn’t want to place it back because the style of it was not modern enough. There was some protest against his decision, but it had not much effect and it seemed like the memorial would be rebuilt somewhere else. However, suddenly on 24th of november 2005, it was inaugurated again, at the same spot, but without the panels on its sides. Another Belgian compromis, or was there some pression coming from the Royal palace? Who will tell?

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1000, place de l’Albertine

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Queen Elisabeth

Born Germany, died Brussels. During WWI she nursed soldiers. With Eugène Y...

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