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Stone: Pilgrims

This standing stone, ancient symbol of the sun, dedicated to the Anonymous Pilgrim, has been given by the ruling council of Galicia and erected at the gathering place and point of departure for the pilgrimage towards Saint-Jacques de Compostelle.
Manuel Fraga Iribarne, President de la Council of Galicia,
Eric André, Secretary of State for Public Works in the Brussels Region.

{Repeated in Flemish, Spanish, Galician}

XACOBEO '99 24 April 1999

Original inscription:

Cette pierre levée, antique symbole solaire, dédiée au Pèlerin Anonyme, a été offerte par la Xunta de
Galicia et érigée au point de rassemblement et de départ du pèlerinage vers Saint-Jacques de
Manuel Fraga Iribarne, Président de la Xunta de Galicia,
Eric André, Secrétaire d’Etat des Travaux publics de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale

{Repeated in Flemish, Spanish, Galician}

XACOBEO '99 24.IV.1999

The text is on a plaque at ground level near the stone.
Galicia is an autonomous region and former kingdom of N W Spain, on the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic. If the results of a Google search are anything to go by, Saint-Jacques de Compostelle is still a significant site of pilgrimage today.

Site: Pilgrims (1 memorial)

1000, Porte de Hal, close to the tower

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