Loubna Benaïssa Loubna Benaïssa

Memorial: Loubna Benaïssa

Loubna Benaïssa. Disappeared 5 August 1992 (her body was found a little over 5 years later), 10 years ago today. We are thinking of you and your family.

Original inscription:

Loubna Benaïssa
disparue le 05 Août 1992
(corps retrouvé il y a un peu plus de 5 ans)
il y a 10 an aujourd'hui
nous pensions à toi et aux tiens

The very unofficial plaque (probably put up by friends of the family) recalls the sad story of Loubna who was abducted by Derochette and whose body was found in his petrol station that used to stand on this site. The tree (a Golden Raintree) was planted on 28 November 2001 by the commune. Climbing plants are being trained up the left-hand wall. The mural on the right is signed in the bottom right "Art Mural a.s.b.l. 10/2001"

Site: Loubna Benaïssa (1 memorial)

1050, ave de la Couronne junction rue Wéry

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