Large_placeholder_br Julien Dillens at  square de Meeûs

Sculpture: Julien Dillens at square de Meeûs


Original inscription:


Entitled "Winged Spirit", inaugurated here 19 July 1909. This started life as an ivory statuette by Dillens (one third the size), entitled "Fame", commissioned by the City as a retirement present for the architect Victor Jamaer, who had restored the City Hall and the Maison du Roi on the Grand Place. In the statuette miniatures of these buildings are being proffered upwards but their inclusion was not appropriate for the memorial to Dillens. Lagae did the sculptural work, including the portrait medallion of Dillens, and Gustave Dillens (Julien’s brother) worked on the decorative elements.
This must be one of the few instances of a commemorated person being credited with the creation of his own monument. Certainly the first on this site.

Site: Julien Dillens at square de Meeûs (1 memorial)

1000, square de Meeûs

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Subjects commemorated


Julien Dillens

Born Antwerp.

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