House of the Blind

Plaque: House of the Blind - External A1

Site: House of the Blind (91 memorials)

1000, blvd du Midi, Résidence Porte de Hal, 142

The building is the old "house of the blind", "Maison des Aveugles". It is now a general old peoples home. The walls are sprinkled with 88 "standard-issue" plaques, one fancy plaque, one monument and one relief. We have not provided photographs of all the standard issue plaques, only three: Low Wall K1, Garden ZD and Garden ZA. What follows now is a rather tedious specification of the physical layout of the plaques and how we have labelled them - non-pedants can skip this.
There is a private U-shaped courtyard garden which can be seen through the arch facing blvd du Midi. Underneath this arch, to the right is the Paul de Groux plaque. Between this arch and the garden there is a low wall holding 30 plaques arranged in a grid with each column holding 1,1,1,2,2,4,4,4,4,2,2,1,1,1 plaques. We have labelled these plaques: Low Wall A1,B1,C1,D1,D2, etc. At the centre of this block of plaques is a pictorial relief. On either side of the low wall are sloping walls each with 2 plaques, labelled: Slope A,B,C,D. All plaques mentioned up till now are rectangular in shape, and in the same style so we have supplied only one photograph: Low Wall K1. The three walls of the courtyard garden hold a total of 36 plaques. Each of the two sidewalls has a row of 15 plaques. The third, end wall, the bottom of the U, is opposite the arch and looks like the oldest part of the building. It has 3 columns each of 2 plaques. Going clockwise round the courtyard we have labelled the plaques: Garden A-O,P1,P2-R1,R2,S-ZG. On the outside east-facing wall there is the Robert Halot monument and 18 plaques. Above the monument there is a grid of 9 plaques in a 3 by 3 grid, labelled: External A1,A2,A3....C1,C2,C3. Also on this wall, there is a row of 9 plaques starting from the Halot monument, labelled: External row A,B,..H,I. All the plaques in the garden and on the outside wall are of the same style so we have supplied only two photographs: Garden ZD and the bird’s next at Garden ZA.

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House of the Blind - External A1

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