Hospice at rue d’Accolay

Plaque: Hospice at rue d’Accolay - K2

Site: Hospice at rue d’Accolay (39 memorials)

1000, rue d’Accolay

This hospice/home for the elderly has plaques commemorating its benefactors on a number of adjacent buildings on the southwest side of the road. To locate the plaques we have allocated each a column/row I.D. Reading from the left, the first building has 4 columns each with one or two plaques (A1, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1). The second building has 7 columns each with 1 plaque in the top row, and two in the lower row, side by side, (E1, E2, E3,...K1, K2, K3). The third building has 4 columns each with 3 plaques (L1, L2, L3,...O1, O2, O3). The buildings were undergoing a major renovation when we visited and one of the workmen, spotting our interest invited us into the section of the hospice on rue des Ursulines to see the chapel. What interested us much more were two large plaques in the entrance. One of which (on a quick glance) seemed to be to Napoleon and the other gives a longer list of benefactors, up to 1972. Just one example of the many interior plaques which this site cannot hope to cover, at present.

The plaques are all in the same style so we have provided only one photo as a sample - E2.

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Hospice at rue d’Accolay - K2

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