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Plaque: Gailliard painters

The text on the plaque has been adjusted. It looks as if the painters were originally described, respectively, as "IMPRESSIONNISTE-LUMINISTE", and "SURIMPRESSIONNISTE" but the "IMPRESSIONNISTE" has been changed in each case to "IMPRESSIONSSEE", which is not our dictionary and we don't understand. However, artists, understandably, often object to the labels we stick on them and perhaps the Gailliards had created a word that they felt described their art. We would guess that the street was named after the artists but it's possible that they took the name of the street (see Jacques Feyder). While taking the photographs we were told that a painter lives at the house. It is certainly unusually adorned.

Site: Gailliard painters (1 memorial)

1060, rue Gailliard, 12

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Gailliard painters

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Franz Gailliard

Born Brussels. Influenced by pointillism. Father of Jean-Jacques Gailliard...

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Jean-Jacques Gailliard

Born Brussels. Son of Franz Gailliard. Not to be confused with Jean-Jacque...

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